Paracas Kitesurfing spot guide

Paracas Kitesurfing spot guide

January 7, 2019 5 By scott metcalfe

Kitesurf Paracas

Over the wild Paracas national reserve, just 3 hours south of Lima, the wind vigorously blows across the vast desert creating some extreme locations and some badass kitesurfing zones. Paracas is a great place to kitesurf for many reasons and in this article, I will be giving a summary of each kitesurfing location with insider tips and present to you why we think Paracas is a hidden gem in the kitesurfing world and why we are so stoked to be here!  

Kitesurf Season

Paracas is blessed with consistent wind all year, no really its true, due to the amazing thermal effect we have in the hot desert combined with the cool Humboldt current.

High season (Sep-May) 90% Wind Probability
Avg Air temp: 25.c
Avg Water Temp: 20.c
Avg Wind speed: 18-25knots

Low season (May-Aug) 60% Wind Probability
Avg Air temp: 20.c
Avg Water Temp: 16.c
Avg Wind speed: 12-20 knots

The wind usually starts in the North direction which never normally builds past 10 knots, which is great for Hydro-foiling or wakeboarding in the bay when the water is butter flat during the mornings. Then, around midday, once the sun has heated up the ground, the wind will then switch to the South and will continue to climb steadily throughout the day.

During high season the wind starts around 11 am and last until 7 pm when the sunset. The low season you can party the night before and rest in the morning, hello afternoon winds. From May-August the wind starts around 1 or 2 pm and then ends when the sun sets around 6 pm. The wind speed averages around 10-18 knots (These are the days we take kite trips to laguna grande where the wind averages 15-20knots during the low season) More about that later …

Hello, Sand storm August! This is one of our favourite Months, the high season is about to start and we are just heading out of the worst winter months. When the change of weather happens, half a dozen large sand storms blow across Paracas before the consistent winds appear for the rest of the year… and yes if you’re experienced you can ride them! 😉

Okay, enough about the wind and let’s get to the juicy part … the Kitesurfing spot guide in order or distance closest first.

Kitesurf Paracas Map

Please note: that some areas are forbidden, and we must respect the nature reserve and protect the wildlife to be able to continue enjoying this ultimate playground.

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Paracas Bay

Cross Offshore |Flat water

Paracas Bay is the best option in the area without a doubt. It is extremely convenient being so close to the town with world-class conditions. The spot is sitting right on the edge of the Paracas national reserve and is free to access. You can find Kitesurfing schools, a Car Park, a Cafe and bathroom facilities.

Here the water is shared with Dolphins, sea lions, turtles, flamingos along with other water sports enthusiasts like Sailors, Windsurfers, Stand up paddlers and other beach users.

You can find the location by either Googling Perukite or following the link here We advice speaking to one of our friendly staff members before riding so they can explain how the spot works.

There will be beach users during the weekends with very few during the weekdays. The busiest season is from January through to April. Otherwise, this spot is uncrowded and you can often find the bay to yourself.

Kite Zone

screenshot 40
Paracas Bay

What makes this spot so great is the combination of multiple factors that create the bay, for instance. The bay is surrounded by large dramatic sand dunes but miraculously, there is a large enough gap between two very large dunes that allows the wind to flow freely enough for us to enjoy. Thank you universe

img 52131

Also, because of these large dunes, the wind compresses together creating a Venturi effect which, in turn, increases the wind, another yay!

Please note: Due to this, At the bottom end of the bay, the wind will significantly drop. Furthermore, the Bay is a U shape meaning it is ultra-safe making it very hard to drift out to open sea and lose your equipment if a bad situation were to happen. Perukite offers Free rescue service to all kitesurfing clients.

The bay is protected by a large peninsular as shown on the map. This creates a huge flat water bay with a shallow entrance that gradually slopes into deeper water, making it a great location for many users.

The water will remain flat when wind speeds are between 10 and 20 knots. Small chop starts to appear when the wind picks up to 20 knots and some small kickers in the middle of the bay arrive when above 25 Knots, which makes every day different to keep it interesting.

Speed spot

At the furthest upwind point of the bay, there is a Speed strip offering world-class freestyle conditions when the wind is in the right direction. The speed spot is probably the flattest kitesurf spot in Paracas and if you follow the coast for a couple of kilometres you will even discover a hidden bay… yourrr welcome!

Note: These areas are more exposed to the open ocean so self-rescue is a must! This spot works best in offshore conditions and can be very gusty when Cross-shore. Also, do not disturb the wildlife if present.

Paracas Sand storm

Paracas translates into Raining sand, and now I know why after experiencing my first epic kitesurfing sandstorm session here. When the wind blows over 30 knots it can be quite an experience, It … literally … Rains… sand!

Instead of describing it to you, you can watch Kitesurfing the storm here! & Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe to The Perukite Channel.

Sand Storm

Down winders

When the wind speed is above 25 knots, it is then possible to kitesurf downwind from Paracas Bay to Pisco. The journey is around 15 kilometres and can take up to 1 hour to complete.

Note: A Guide is recommended as there are some wind shadows and limited landing options when arriving into Pisco. You can arrange this with one of the local kite schools.

screenshot 80 1
Paracas to San Andres


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to land on the moon? Well, you don’t need a rocket to get there!

kite trip paracas national reserve

The Cherry on the Icing, and as if that wasn’t enough, you have to admit its sounds and looks pretty great already. Well on the off chance the wind doesn’t come through to the bay then we offer guided kitesurfing surfaris where there is a high chance of finding wind in another spot and here are our Top 4 top kitesurfing spots inside Paracas National reserve. All these are within 1-hour drive from Paracas Town.

Note: A guide is highly recommended as there is NO phone signal inside the reserve, many off-road tracks, restricted areas, and forbidden kitesurfing zones. Sometimes you may even find yourself completely alone.

Entrance fee: 11 soles per person


Side shore/ Side off |Waves | Open ocean

The best kite SURF spot in town! You can find waves that are long and clean, They can break anywhere from 1 to 7 feet high, with a nice clear area downwind from the point. So even if you lose your kite or board, you are safe.

The beach is full of pebbles with plenty of space to launch and land. Note: Here you can find Sea Urchins and some rocks in the water so boots are recommended.

Waves paracas perukite


Cross off-shore |Beach break | Open Ocean

Playon has a beautiful wide beach surrounded by large sand dunes with cross-offshore wind and a beach break. This spot is really fun as it has nice kickers and small waves to play on even for newbies. The Landscape is incredible and you will hardly find anyone around, just a few weekend riders from Lima maybe but definitely the odd seal.

Note: The wind can be quite gusty here as it flows over large dunes so be careful and take a wide range of kites as hard to predict the wind. knowing the Self-rescue is a must here! and it is advised to park 100 meters from the beach as the sand is very loose.

perukite paracas kite trip


Cross offshore | Flatwater |Open ocean

img 5469

Mendieta is just around the corner from Playon however offers completely different conditions. Here you will find flat water with small chop/swell only appearing as you ride further out. This is an advanced spot due to the Huge rock formations in the water and cross-offshore winds.

This spot can also be enjoyed by non-kiters as its a beautiful beach with a nice wide area to explore with water sprouts and cliffs,

The beach has soft sand with plenty of space to launch and land. The water starts shallow but quickly deepens. Note: Stay very clear from any rocks and avoid riding far out. Knowing self-rescue is a must!

Laguna Grande

Cross Onshore | Flatwater Lagoon

Saving the best to last, we finally get to Laguna Grande! Driving 1 hour deep into the reserve we reach the final spot, flat water heaven. The water ranges from a very shallow entrance to waist-deep water within the first 300 meters and then deeper water in the middle of the bay. This spot is ultra-safe with soft sand around the lagoon making it an ideal location to learn how to kitesurf.

This spot is our most popular choice as it is ideal for both beginners and advanced riders. This can also be a really nice day trip as there is a fishing settlement on the sandbank where it is possible to grab a coffee and snacks while you take in the very unique environment where this family have lived for generations.

Note: Here you will find some sharp shells, very few, but water booties are advised.

That’s it for our Paracas Kitesurf spot guide .. for now anyway as there are many more kitesurf locations in Paracas, some forbidden, some not and some we still haven’t even discovered yet.

That’s what makes this location so fantastic! Not only is there miles of coastline yet to be discovered the water is so uncrowded even in high season during peak summer Paracas bay will have 20 kites on a busy day! and you’ll most likely still be alone in Paracas national reserve.

If you enjoyed this an want to know more about kitesurfing in Paracas then Subscribe to the perukite blog for tips on where to stay and how to get here!

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