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Peru kitesurfing News, events, travel tips and general blog awesomeness.

This kitesurfing blog has been created for the benefit of kitesurfers but also travellers, and adventure seekers within Peru. We believe we have found the ultimate playground here in Paracas. Which is why after years of searching the world for the right conditions, we have now decided to become a residence of Peru. Investing our time and money into this fantastic location. Therefore taking on PeruKite and Paracas Kite Camp.

Peru kitesurfing blog will keep you updated with any news, activities in Paracas, travel tips, kite spots in Peru. And of course, general blog awesomeness.

We want to share our paradise. Because let’s face it, the experience is best when shared with others. Paracas is an incredible place for wind and water sports. The crazy thing is there are no crowds! Experience remote Paracas and dive into what the desert and nature have to offer. Join us in windy Paradise.

TOP Reasons why every kitesurfer should practice yoga.

Its no secret that yoga is good for the mind, body and soul. But today I want to give you our top 3 reasons why every kite surfer, from beginners to advanced riders, should consider practising yoga. Why… 1) Improves Performance 2) Prevents Injury3) Strengthens your whole body including the mind. Of course, there are…

A detailed guide for Paracas – More than kitesurfing.

A detailed guide for Paracas – More than kitesurfing. Published and written by Mariska Wildenberg My first month in Peru – Paracas, part II.  More than kiting Last time, my article was all about the most important activity in Paracas, Peru (and in my life) – Kitesurfing. You know how to get to the kite beach, the…

Dutch Champion kitesurfing in Paracas Peru

My first month in Peru – Paracas, part I.  4 letters, one word…. Follow Mariska incredible journey here > Photo Credits: Casey from Perukite First of all some GREAT kitesurfing here! My first month, weeks can be ultra-short summarized, into a repeating 4 letters, ONE WORD: kite – kite –kite & kite.  Some days with 7m big air wind,…

Paracas Kitesurfing spot guide

Kitesurf Paracas Over the wild Paracas national reserve, just 3 hours south of Lima, the wind vigorously blows across the vast desert creating some extreme locations and some badass kitesurfing zones. Paracas is a great place to kitesurf for many reasons and in this article, I will be giving a summary of each kitesurfing location…

Happy New years Amigos!

Wishing our friends worldwide the very best for 2019! May it be windy, full of love, laughter and epic adventures! 2018 was an absolutely incredible year for Perukite! Thank you to all who made it happen!! Be sure to check the rest of our blog posts And of course for information about our kite school…

How to choose the BEST kiteboarding school.

Best kiteboarding school in Paracas How to choose the BEST kiteboarding school. Are fed up hearing the same advertising lines? We are the Best kiteboarding school, NO’1 in town with the best equipment! Everywhere we seem to go, all have the same lame predictable advertisement. We know how frustrating that can be, and how it…

Kiteboarding journey

 The Journey Begins Are you just starting on your kiteboarding journey? Our kiteboarding journey started in 2013, the first time we discovered kiteboarding whilst volunteering in Sri Lanka. Little did we know that only a few weeks after this photo was taken, our lives would change forever and our jounrey would begin. It didn’t take…