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Unforgettable Kitesurfing trips in Paracas

Have you been dreaming about the next EPIC kitesurfing trip? Then you have come to the right place! Paracas has an amazing variety of kite spots to make the most unforgettable kitesurfing trips.

There are half a dozen epic locations within a 1-hour drive around Paracas National reserve. In addition, Perukite has exclusive permission to take guided kitesurfing trips to places such as Laguna Grande, Playon, Mendieta and Zarate kite beach. Paracas kitesurfing spots can please every level of rider. You can find an insane flat water lagoon and even waves, and yes, Paracas has waves too!

kitesurfing in paracas wave spot zarate

Paracas kitesurfing spots

Due to the conditions of these kitesurfing spots, some locations are for experienced riders ONLY  (waves and offshore wind.)  Of course, you can arrange a kitesurfing trip at any time, however, its also our TOP choice on light wind days too!

Are you thinking about continuing your beginner lessons in another kite spot outside of Paracas Bay? Then we would advise all beginners to continue their kitesurfing course in Laguna Grande. It is a flat water lagoon with shallow turquoise water and safe learning conditions. This spot can also be enjoyed by advanced riders too making this spot our most popular choice.

For the more advanced riders you can also enjoy other kitesurfing spots inside the reserve such as Zarate, Playon Beach and Mendieta. These spots are all offshore with waves or a beach break. See gallery.


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The price varies on location and number of riders.

To book a kitesurfing trip please email us your desired location and dates.