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Kitesurfing lessons has never been easier, accessible or more enjoyable!

At Perukite all of our kitesurfing classes include the Full Package! Just bring yourself and we will take care of the rest. We know how important it is to have trusted equipment and experienced instructors. So, we provide our students with the latest equipment, bluetooth radio headsets, internationally qualified instructors and of course, beach assistants, rescue service and more importantly a good vibes at all times!

We even have a study guide to jump start your kitesurfing lessons for a unique way of learning.

Are you ready to master the elements and feel the freedom?

Our aim is to make you an independent kiteboarder teaching your all the necessary skills to become self-sufficient for when you leave Paracas. Once your course is complete you will then receive an IKO card (International kiteboarding organisation). Allowing you to ride and rent kite equipment worldwide.

*All prices are in USD

Choose Your kitesurfing lessons

Private kitesurfing lessons

Private Kitesurfing Lessons

$ 60 per hour

3 hours – $ 170
Introduction course

6 hours – $ 320
Full Course (2 days)

9 hours – $ 430
Master class (3 days)

1 to 1 Private Instructor

Learn at your own pace 

Group kitesurfing lessons

Group Kitesurfing Lessons

$100 per hour

3 hours –  $ 260
Introduction course

6 hours – $ 475
Full course (2 days) 

9 hours – $600
Master Class (3days)

2 students |  1 Instructor | 1 Kite

Prices shown is for 2 people

Advanced kitesurfing lessons

Advanced Kitesurfing Lessons

$ 75 per hour

3 hour Training session – $ 200 

Add style to your riding

Hydrofoil / Freestyle / Airstyle

Video Coaching

All equipment supplied or

Bring your own

STUDY before your kitesurfing lessons

Take advantage of our FREE online Kite Guide before arriving at your lesson for easier faster progression. Here you will find videos, pictures, and tables of the critical theory that will help you have a much greater understanding of the sport and kitesurfing lesson plan. This is the head start you need to become a safe independent rider.

Learning to kitesurf is a process, sure we can give you a fun day and an introduction to kitesurfing. However learning how to be an independent kitesurfer takes time, and of course a little patience. Thats why its important to take your time when learning. Go at your own pace to make sure you fully understand each exercise before moving onto the next. Overall, this will make you a better, safer and more independant rider.

Paracas kitesurfing conditions

Having the right conditions does matter! Our main kitesurfing location in Paracas is along Santo Domingo bay where you will find perfect, SAFE learning conditions directly at the front of our station. The bay is U-shaped with cross-offshore winds and is protected by the peninsular creating flat water. The water in the bay is mainly shallow enough for you to stand, which makes learning and teaching very easy. Then it gradually slopes off into deeper water which is great for learning the board. With the consistent winds and uncrowded waters, your learning won’t just be safe but also enjoyable which makes the progression much easier and ultimately saves you time during your course.

kitesurfing lessons in paracas bay

Perfect learning location

Paracas Bay is the best option without a doubt. It is very convenient being so close to the town with world-class conditions. The spot is beautiful and sitting right on the edge of the Paracas national reserve which is free to access. You can find kitesurfing schools, a car park, a cafe and bathroom facilities.

best kiteboarding beach to learn in paracas bay, ica peru.


Paracas is blessed with thermal winds due to the hot desert climate combined with the cool Humboldt current. To get the wind started in Paracas all it takes is a little hot desert sun, so if you’re in Paracas and there are blue skies there’s a big chance we will have wind.


Mother nature “the wind” likes to have a rest in the mornings and starts her work when the ground begins to warm up.

During high season (Oct-April) You can expect to start your kitesurfing day from 11 am and finish around 7 pm when the sunsets.

During low season (May-Sep) It is typical to have cloud cover in the mornings with sun and wind arrving in the afternoons. The wind starts after lunch and normally lasts until the suns sets around 6 pm.