Need kitesurfing equipment rental in Paracas? Why travel with extra luggage, we have everything you need at great prices! 

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Kitesurfing rental

At Perukite, our kite school is fully stocked with the newest and safest products on the market. Supplying you with 2020 kites from DUOTONE Kiteboarding and more big brands like Slingshot Sports, Ocean rodeo and Liquid force kiteboarding. You can even try between a range of kites, boards and sizes and depending on the wind conditions or riding style.

Of course, to qualify for kitesurfing equipment rentals you must be able to ride upwind safely with control.

RENT  Full
Or harness
1 DAY $70 $50 $30 $10
2 DAYS $120 $75 $50 $15
3 DAYS $170 $110 $75 $20
7 DAYS $350 $260 $170 $40

However, if we are unsure of your skills, we can offer a 1hr private lesson to refresh your skills and boost your confidence.

Part of our school package at Perukite is to ensure you have the best experience in Paracas. For that reason, whether you’ve just become an independent rider or have been advanced for many years, we are always ready on the beach for your assistance with rescue service at all times. In addition, our professional team will give any tips needed to become a better safer rider.

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If you love your equipment, you can even take it home! We sell our used Gear. If you prefer NEW kitesurfing equipment then check out our online shop. We can even arrange delivery to your doorstep for when you arrive back home.

Predicting the forecast in Paracas

Reading the weather stations on the internet can be very misleading. So, try not to be fooled by some internet prediction services. Paracas has a very complex micro weather system with an amazing thermal and venturi effect. Therefore nearly all online predictions are mostly incorrect. Although, if you are to use any sites we would, however, recommend Windguru but even then, please always add on at least 4 knots or sometimes more.

For Example …

When the forecast predicts this 17 knots from 1 pm you could have 20-35 knots from 10 am. Our best advise, GET IN TOUCH! We will give you an honest report!

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