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Paracas kite camp – The kiteboarding Eco hostel


Paracas kite camp is an adventure Eco-Hostel 3 hours south of Lima. Located just 5 minutes drive from El Chaco ( Paracas town ) in a small peaceful village, Las Antillas. With stunning views of the wild Paracas national reserve away from the busy crowds and noise. This really is the perfect place to unwind after an exciting day. We are all about adventure and chill and that’s exactly what our vision was when creating Paracas Kite camp.

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About Paracas Kite Camp

With so much kitesurfing awesomeness available, it just wouldn’t be right not to share it and that’s exactly what we aim to do! After spending a day together at the beach we can return to camp and share those experiences with like-minded people. It a personal experience staying with kitesurfing instructors and tour guides in Camp. But in addition, we’re all here to lead you to the next adventure and share the stoke after an epic day.

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Paracas kite camps history

Paracas Camp was originally a backpackers hostel since 2016. They offered services such as transport, tours, accommodation as well as food and beverages. The history behind this company is incredible and heartwarming. The Mesias family have worked in many social projects around Peru helping many communities. Mostly around Lima District and Pisco area during the tsunami. However, their biggest project and main passion is Ayuda integral para la Familia, “Dios es Amor” an on-going orphanage project. Re-homing and re-educating children across the country for the past 35 years. Alongside this amazing dedication, they also have a Recycling company collecting used materials in Lima. Collecting waste has given them an opportunity to create handy craft and give women a working opportunity in unfortunate areas. Founder of Paracas Camp, Moises, the Mesias family’s son, opened the hostel “Paracas camp” in 2016 to keep funding these amazing projects.


Paracas camp was originally built from recycled materials. During the last few years, unwanted items have been used to create a unique decoration. Keeping this eco-friendly awareness, all of the water is reused into the garden. And at camp we consider everything to be reusable!

We have been working closely together since May 2019 to create Paracas kite camp – The adventure Eco Hostel.

Together we welcome people from around the world to join us on our movement. Paracas Kite Camp has now started to clean up the Paracas area too with us Perukite and Groupo Paracas!


What makes us different? Well, apart from our bright artwork and awesome camp vibes. Above all, we are the only kite camp in town!

More importantly, we are different because this eco-friendly camp cares. We care for you and your comfort here on camp. Also, for the environment, for the local people and for the Peruvian communities. All of its attention to details to make the experience best for everyone at Paracas Kite Camp.

Finally, we can cater for large groups and all skill levels. We offer personal kite camp packages! So, visit our lessons page or kite trips page to create the ultimate kite camp for you!!!

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