Traveling from Lima Airport to Paracas can take around 3 to 4 hours depending on departure time and traffic. We would only recommend two ways of travel to Paracas, either by private transfer or the public bus, below you will find information for both.


Private Transfer


If you would like to travel via private transfer please contact us so we can arrange for you one of our trusted reliable licensed taxi drivers. Having a private, air-conditioned car can be far more relaxing and time-saving, and removes any issues of  “negotiating” the price with a regular taxi outside the airport.




Lima airport bus:

For a long time getting from Lima airport to downtown was a challenge with no decent bus service and many unlicensed taxi drivers outside of the airport. Thankfully, we now have Airport express lima, service includes free WIFI, USB charging ports, toilets, onboard assistance and more.

In this guide, we have included extensive information about bus safety in Peru. The best bus companies to travel with and other benefits you should look out for when choosing the bus company you want to travel with.

To take a bus from Lima to Paracas you have two main options;

1. Hop on Hop off bus

2. Public buses