W  H  Y    P  E  R  U  K  I  T  E

Our goal is to provide the highest quality kiteboarding lessons and experience for YOU!


We are a passionate team who have lived and breathed kitesurfing everyday since we laid eyes on our first kite. Not only do we love kiteboarding, we also LOVE teaching! We cannot wait to give you an EASY and FUN learning experience with the knowledge and passion we have to share.

  • The Latest 2018/19 kitesurfing equipment on the market
  • Unique Pre-study material
  • Advanced Bluetooth 2-way communication headset technology
  • Best price-teaching combination
  • IKO Level 2 certified and experienced instructors
  • Personalized teaching programs
  • Spanish and English Instructors available
  • Unforgettable Kite Trips
  • Online shop with Big discounts
  • Shaded chill out Zone
  • After course support
  • Rescue boat service and beach assistants available at all times
  • Filtered water on site (Just bring a bottle)
  • A mobile kiteboarding school with permits and licenses to various locations around Paracas national park

W H A T   M A K E S  U S  D I F F E R E N T

Bluetooth Communication

We are the only kite school in Peru to use this technology. BBTALKIN is a game-changing Wireless Bluetooth Communication system. It is the future of coaching and we are very excited to offer our clients this service for better and faster progression. This is great for learning as you’ll receive immediate feedback and save lots of time during your course or for those needing that extra support by saying “its okay, relax” in your ear. The best part about this device is the two communication, so when ever in doubt,  you can always ask your instructor what to do.

Remember those days with the distant voices and makeshift hand signs from the beach, no more we say!

kitesurfing advance radios paracas peru

Kiteboarding Guide

Take advantage of our personalized online kiteboarding guide before arriving to your lessons for easier and faster progression. Here you will find videos, pictures, and tables of the critical kitesurfing theory that will make you have a much greater understanding of the sport.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 14.04.19

Rescue Service

We have your back! Our boat is on site ready at all times. All lessons are held in Santo Domingo Bay which is one of the safest locations in the world due to our huge U shape bay and waist deep water , but for your comfort, we have experienced staff ready when help is needed.

rescue boat perukite kitesurfing

Chill Out Zone

PeruKite has a comfortable chill out area on Santo Domingo Bay where the main station is based. While we’re waiting for the wind why not say hello to our friendly staff who are happy to help and share their professional advice. Relax on our beanbags under a large shaded tent while watching the famous wildlife in the Paracas bay. Or ask the team for a game of volley ball and enjoy the good vibes Perukite has to offer.

paracas kitesurfing school perukite

No wind in Paracas – No Problem

We are a mobile kite school with exclusive permission to teach anywhere in the national park. If there is no wind in Santo Domingo Bay, No problem, we will take you to the next windy beach in Paracas.

perukite kiteboarding school

Equipment Sales

PeruKite is the official distributors of Slingshot kite, Prolimit, and dealers of Liquid Force Kiteboarding. These brands are known for there excellent quality and a broad selection of models, adequate for kiters of all levels, from beginners to pros. If you’re searching for your next kite, harness, wetsuit or board, or you’re not sure which option is best for you, contact us and we will offer you advice.