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Welcome to the ultimate playground.

We didn’t choose Paracas JUST for its epic kiteboarding and it’s high wind stats, this area has a lot to offer for all adventurers. We wanted a location that has something for everyone IN and OUT of the water so you can enjoy all of Paracas.

To ensure you are comfortable booking your trip, we have gone the extra mile to help you on your way. On this page, you will find all information about kitesurfing in Paracas, hotel recommendations, airport transfer and other activities.

Paracas meaning ‘Rain of Sand’ is a small charming seaside town on the edge of a large desert National Park, Paracas is a town on Peru’s west coast situated 250 kilometers south of Lima. It’s known for beaches, like El Chaco, set on sheltered Paracas Bay, it’s stunning wildlife, incredible culture throughout and its delicious cuisine. The town is a launch point for the uninhabited Ballestas Islands, home to sea lions, pelicans, flamingos and Humboldt penguins. Paracas National Reserve spans desert, ocean, islands and the Paracas Peninsula making this a must see in Peru. When your not kiting there are so many activities to enjoy such as Paragliding overdramatic landscape, Stand up paddle alongside Flamingos, Sail across Santo Domingo bay or go Sandboarding and race across the desert in dune buggies in Huacachina, a world-class destination with dunes up to 500m and then enjoy visiting an oasis at night with the stars. There truly is something for everyone here.



You can kitesurf in Paracas all year but the best wind is from September through to March, during the Peruvian summer, when it is 99% reliable with regular wind speeds of 18-20 knot. Even in the lowest winter months of May to July, there are still around 60% kiteable days with around 22c air temp.

The main kitesurfing zone in Paracas is in Santo Domingo bay where you will find perfect, safe learning conditions directly at the front of our station. The bay is U-shaped with the cross-offshore winds and is protected by the peninsular so no matter what happens you will always end up back on the beach. The water in the bay is mainly shallow enough for you to stand, which makes learning and teaching very easy! The flat water in the bay is perfect for learning the board skills and can also be enjoyed by freestyle riders and speed junkies as there is a huge speed strip at one side of the bay which gives off butter flat water and stronger winds due to the Venturi effect through the large sand dunes. For the more advanced riders, we can arrange trips to a number of wave spots along the coast in the nature reserve, from small waves and even up to waves that would satisfy even the most experienced wave rider, and, visit a number of other incredible flat water spots hidden deep in the desert.

You can read about here in this Paracas spot guide.

Paracacs https://perukite.com/blog/paracas-kitesurfing-spots/

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P R E D I C T I N G   T H E   F O R E C A S T


Reading the weather stations on the internet can be very misleading so, try and not be fooled by some internet prediction services. Paracas is a very complex micro weather with an amazing thermal and venturi effect, so those predictions are mostly incorrect. Although, if you are to use any sites we would recommend Windguru but even then, please always add on at least 4 knots or sometimes a lot more.


Paracas has an incredible range of accommodation from high-end resorts to hip backpacker hostels. Here you will find listed our recommended places to stay during your trip to Paracas. 

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