kitesurfing kiteboarding classes in paracas

L  E  S  S  O  N  S

Learning to kitesurf has never been easier, accessible or more enjoyable!

So are you ready to master the elements and feel the freedom?


At Perukite all of our kitesurfing options include the Full Package! Just bring yourself and we will take care of the rest. We know how important it is to have trusted equipment and experienced instructors in your hands, so, we provide you with the latest and advanced equipment from 2018 & 19, Internationally qualified instructors passionately waiting to share there knowledge with you, and of course, beach assistants and rescue service available at all times, we will even throw in some fun and when the cameras out, be prepared to smile, and capture those awesome memories made with Perukite.

((Below are your lesson options, Click over the picture to see prices and course info))



Group Lessons

$100 per hour

3-hour course –  $ 260

6-hour courses – $ 475

2 students |  1 Instructor | 1 Kite

Prices shown is for 2 people


Advanced Lessons

$ 65 per hour

$ 180 – 3-hour course

Hydrofoil / Freestyle / Airstyle

Video Coaching

All equipment supplied or bring your own

Personalized refresher lessons


Take advantage of our online kiteboarding guide before arriving at your lessons for easier and faster progression. Here you will find videos, pictures, and tables of the critical kitesurfing theory that will help you have a much greater understanding of the sport and lesson plan. This is the head start you need to becoming a safe independent rider.