Kiteboarding journey

Kiteboarding journey

July 31, 2018 0 By scott metcalfe

 The Journey Begins

Are you just starting on your kiteboarding journey?

Our kiteboarding journey started in 2013, the first time we discovered kiteboarding whilst volunteering in Sri Lanka. Little did we know that only a few weeks after this photo was taken, our lives would change forever and our jounrey would begin.

kitesurfing couple in camper van

It didn’t take long before we knew that we could turn our dream into a reality and live this incredible lifestyle. Therefore, we started travelling and teaching straight away. Our Kiteboarding journey has taken us to exotic places all around the world ever since. Allowing us to discover some of mother natures finest kiteboarding spots whist gaining experience and in addition gained a kiteboarding community which ultimetly prepared us for the big move.

The big move

In early 2018, after more then 4 years of searching for the right conditions, we discovered a hidden gem on the west coast of Peru in Ica, Paracas. Not only does the wind blow all year long, the kiteboarding spots are so diverse, it will please any rider!

You can imagine how excited we were, to find a place with so much potential away from the crowd after so many years of searching. We knew we hit the jackpot when we arrived, not only is the kitesurfing world-class, but Paracas is also an adventurers paradise. With so much to do and see here we couldn’t wait to share our experience with you.

The Peru kite blog was created to share these places, inspire those thoughts and give you, the student, enough information. Why? To make your journey as easy as possible. We cant wait to share our knowlegde and passion to start YOU, on your kiteboarding jounrey.

Would you like to know more about US? (Casey Fairhurst and Scott Metcalfe), how we go here to Paracas, peru and how we started our kiteboarding jounrey.? Then you can follow our personal travel blog HERE on The Wonders of Wondering.

Stay tuned to The perukite Blog for more kitesurfing awesomeness! And dont forget to grab the FREE kiteboarding guide to start your kiteboarding jounrey today!!

Thanks for reading.

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