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Welcome to Peru Kite – The first kitesurfing school in Peru since 2004.

We are a British and Peruvian operated mobile kiteboarding school. With years of experience traveling the world in search of the best conditions we proudly put our knowledge together to create PeruKite.


 O U R   A I M

Our competent, highly motivated IKO certified instructors will ensure that you learn the importance of the knowledge needed to become an independent safe Kiteboarder. Our aim is to help students progress quickly and safely, but most of all to relax, have fun and enjoy the experience. Whether this is your first time or you are looking to progress your skills further, you cannot go wrong with this school, instructors or the location.


T H E   R E B I R T H

Perukite was re-opened in 2018 under the new leadership of professional kiteboarders, Casey Fairhurst, and Scotty Metcalfe, who leads a team of IKO certified instructors.

“We are proud to undertake the rebirth of this school in a fantastic location with new equipment, a new team, and a passion that we excitedly instill in this venture”


M E E T   T H E    T E A M


IKO Level 2 Instructor



After spending 6 years in the British Army, Scotty went from soldier to surfer, and quickly thereafter discovered kiteboarding.  Together with Casey, he has since dedicated his life to riding and to teaching.  Scotty is a highly motivated instructor, a perfectionist dedicated to delivering messages and knowledge uniquely and effectively across his range of students and skillsets.

 He is a charismatic blend of focus and chill, the result of his diverse military background and surfer nature. He has many years of experience, and teaches students from beginners to advanced, in flat water and big waves.  Scotty has taught kitesurfing on nearly every continent on earth – apart from the Arctics. 

He is passionate and personable, and well-known for quickly connecting with people from all walks, raising their expectations and helping them to exceed them. You may start off meeting as strangers but you’re sure to finish the experience leaving as friends.


IKO Level 2 Instructor



Casey was born in the UK, but left home to travel the world when she was just 18. As a lifelong adrenalin and adventure seeker, she had long been an extreme sports fan, but her life changed forever when she discovered kitesurfing in 2013. 

Beyond the thrill of riding, she also quickly discovered her passion for teaching. Casey became an Instructor that same year, jumped into managing kitesurfing schools and has since taught in some of the best locations in the world – including Cape Town, Western Australia, Egypt and Sri Lanka. 

 She is a sponsored competitive athlete, well known for her big air tricks, and yet she is approachable and personable for riders at every level.  Casey’s teaching style is a cocktail of energy, easy-going attitude, conviction in her skill, simple tools, humor, and dedication to each individual having their own dream experience.



IKO Level 1 instructor



Paracas born and raised Memo is an original member of Perukite since 2006, making him a valuable member of the team.

With his 11 years experience, his Spanish instruction and teaching style all make it fun and enjoyable for all ages to learn. Combined with his local knowledge to do all desert safari tours and guided downwinders, it truly makes memo the ‘go to’ guy, who’s happy to  help with anything you need.

He is always ‘Mr Happy’ and you just can’t help but smile with him. His sunny, positive, attitude is infectious, and you will often find him singing and dancing. Memo is a funny, approachable and extremely enthusiastic member of the team, with all the knowledge and experience you could ask for in a teacher. 



Original Founders and Advisors

PeruKite was originally founded by IKO level 2 instructors José Rosas and Katia Salas in 2004. Although not on the front line of the business anymore they still both play a crucial role in PeruKite by providing professional advice from their years of experience.

José, locally known as El Padrino AKA The Godfather is the owner of Paracas Group which successfully runs 10 activities within Paracas.

Katia was the head instructor for many years at the birth of PeruKite and held the title for 2007 South America female champion and Best Kiteboarding Team Rider. Now Katia assists by repairing the kitesurfing school’s equipment as she is Peru’s NO’1 kite doctor.




I have to say my experience with kiteboarding is better than most, as mine was above average, I would go as far as to say exceptional as I had tried to learn kiteboarding before but my experience wasn’t all that good. Both Casey and Scott displayed a high level of competence and knowledge, knowing exactly what they needed to tell you and when. One would be surprised as how much difference this makes in your learning curve.


kitesurfing lesson student paracas

Thanks Casey and Scott! With four days for a starter/refresher course and limited wind, I couldn’t have asked for more. You were able to maximize my learning speed by determining the pace I could handle and by explaining the nuances of the kite, board, and wind! I loved the use of your 2-way helmet radios as they provided a huge boost to my learning curve and I would not do it another way now that I know. That real-time feedback while on the water was incredibly helpful. Oh yes….and did I mention that it was fun?! You guys are professionals in all aspects! Hope to see on the water again! Tim I.

teaching kids children lesson

Contagious passion


I have two daughters aged 9 and 12… they both took lessons with Casey. I can tell you from trying myself that keeping a nine year old motivated in the water for more than half an hour is a near impossible task yet Casey managed to keep both of them super excited and managed to get both of them on the board. They still talk about her! She truly has a heart of gold! Both Scott and Casey have their head screwed on properly. They are super nice and always ready with some advice. Two absolute stars… tx and good luck.