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We have created this FAQ page in order to provide you with good and accurate information, we are not trying to sell you a visit or trying to scare you of possible dangers, we do believe that the information we are providing here can be very useful for you to decide to come to Peru, look at it as advice to avoid the normal dangers that big cities or developing world countries offer.
Peru is a wonderful country and people leave with great memories, especially riders who will experience hours and hours of riding whilst making great new friends, we are Peruvians and very proud to say it, meet us and you will find out that we are simple but good will people.

Coming from the Lima Airport (Jorge Chavez)

You fly in to Lima Airport, take a taxi from the inside of the building of the airport. This might be the most expensive taxi of your trip as they can charge as much as US$25 to get you into the city but you can bargain and might get a $15 rate.

Trust us, it is worth every penny as if you choose one of the $7 rides you might find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. In our opinion this will be the only real danger on your trip to Paracas as there are many taxi drivers (none of them with license or registered at the door offering their services) only trust any official company.

From Lima to Paracas in a very affordable way.

There are several affordable transport companies coming to Pisco (main city 20 km close to Paracas), the most known are Soyus, Perubus, Flores, San Martin. but the main company is Soyuz

Av. Mexico 280, La Victoria Lima - Perú.
Customer service 205 -2380
Telefax: 265-0501 Central: 205-2370 Ext 211.


We write the word (dot) instead of the sign . in order to avoid this email to be filtrated. Please do a copy paste to your browser and replace the words with the signs. They take off every 7 minutes and the rates go from $5 to $8 but they do not enter into Pisco, they leave you at their terminal at the Pisco crossroads. From there to get to Pisco you can take one of many taxis or collective cars available for less than $1$, and from there is a bus terminal at the main pisco market that will bring you to Paracas. You can also take a taxi direct to Paracas the will charhe around 7$

Do not leave your handbag unnatended at any moment, not even at the above compartment or at the floor as there are many professionals seeking for tourist on this buses as is comon to loose objects from tourists handbags.

Remember you have chosen to go in a cheap way so there are some inconveniences, do never expect any better than what we are telling you here, so keep your hand lugage at your hands at all times, your suitcases will go on the warehouse of the bus and as far we know there is no problem.

From Lima to Paracas in a very deluxe but still really affordaable way way.

There are 3 companies with real special services direct to Paracas, the tickets vary during the seasons from $15 to $22 OW, these are very special and direct services and you can really rest on them as they are almost bed chairs and very comfortable while having stewerdess providing food and drinks service , They normally depart at 4:30 am, 7 am and 1:30 pm. The companies are Oltursa (landing at the the village) and Cruz del Sur (landing at the entrance of the town but they provide services to transport you to any hotel), tickets are available online.


You can expect a total traveling time of 4 hours, if you have to spend the night in Lima we recommend the Hostal El Carmelo ($26) located in Miraflores which is the nicest commercial/residential area and there is plenty to do around about.

The best choice is the Barranco's bed and Breakfast Boutique if you are looking for a nice place with great service and affordable budget.

www (dot)3bhostal(dot)com

There are many 2, 3, 4 and 5 stars hotels, if you can afford it the Marriott located in front of Larco Mar (a fun center with every kind of restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, gift stores and night life) would be one of the best options if you are looking for a real 5 stars hotel.

From Ica, Nasca, Arequipa or from the South

If you are coming from Nasca or Ica you have available the same lines and services described in the previous paragraphs "From Lima to Paracas", but if you are coming from further south just take any bus that will make a stop in Pisco as not all will stop at pisco crossing roads.
You can always choose to take a great bus to Ica and from Ica get another shorter to Pisco.

Once in Paracas there are many budget hotels available, we recommend:

Paracas Backpackers House from 9$ a room (really clean and very well managed)

ZARCILLO at the Cruz del Sur station 10$ night
El refugio del Pirata (bit less than $20 night)
Hotel El Mirador with rates of $35 night,
Hotel Marazul (around 20$)
Hotel Santa maria (around 30$)

If you are looking for 4-5 star hotels with full service we recommend

The Double Tree Hilton Paracas
Family oriented but still lots of fun for singles and closest to the kite spot (450 feet), they do offer lots of activities than can be included in your packages and if you are traveling with family this is your place for sure.

The Hotel Paracas Westing Deluxe Collection Resort Really elegant with impressive service and beauty all over, incredible rooms but far from the point (you need a cab)

La Hacienda Paracas Hotel
Younger clients not really family oriented but great food and service is a bit further but still really close to the kite spot (900 feet). (they do have shared rooms for sportsmen for around 50$ a night)

Our Center is located at the Hilton hotel beach , just take the Bay road (Sto. Domingo Road) almost to the end and you will find the hotel at almost the end of the road, any Taxi driver will know where it is or you can call us for a pick up, we will gladly come and meet you from town if we have a unit available.

In case we are not there it means we are already kiting at the spot, we are just 450 feet south of the hetel, please ask the activities manager of the hotel were are we located and he will gladly help you.

Visit our site and click in "Where to Stay" there you will find a long list of possible places where to stay and their links to their sites.
That's an easy one, as the same special services leave at 1:30 or 5:30 pm. from Paracas, we strongly recommend to use this service to travel in the night. The little savings you can make by using a cheaper method are just not worth it, If you want to leave earlier or later, the taxis and buses are available 24/7.
Sure, call us any time in between 9:30 am till 8:00 PM Peruvian Time GMT -5 please dial +51 959524940 we will be happy to receive your phone call
Skype: jimmyataco
No, we do not have any age restrictions as we have taught some +60 year old people and youngsters of 9, if you are in good health and capable of taking basic decisions you are good to go. Kids under 14 should be accompanied with their parents or tutor at all times of training.

Girls/ladies are very welcome to learn as this is a proven unisex sport.
The best winds are in between September through to the first weeks of May with regular wind speeds of 18-20 knots, sometimes higher sometimes a bit less but we ride a minimum of 6 out of 7 days (to be very conservative). From October untill may we will have the peak of summer in February with 31 centigrade air temperature with 50% moisture wich is dry but no too much so its a very comfortable weather at the begining of the season we will have around 24 centigrates.

Using a 2mm wetsuit is more than enough as the water will have around 17 centigrate peaking 19, most of Peruvian riders will not use a wetsuit from Dec - March.

9- 10m kite is a must for this season and as a second option a 12m and third a 7m, no bigger kites required.

The wind starts at 11 am and will last till 6:30 pm when night falls - from 11 to 1:30 pm the wind is not gusty, from 1:30 to 3:30 gusts will raise 5 knots on average, from 3:30 till night it will be strong but smooth.

From May to September we ride an average of 4 days a week, with winds of 16-18 knots, some days with above 30 knots.

These winds are called Paracas and that's what gives the name to the place (Rain of sand in Quechua which is the language of the Incas). From May to October we will have the peak of winter in July with 18 centigrade air temperature with 75% moisture wich is not too humid weather at the begining of the season we will have around 22 centigrates.

Using a 3-2mm wetsuit is enough as the water will have around 16 centigrate peaking 15. there might be a day from time to time overcasted and those few days will be a bit colder so if you are always cold you better bring a 4-3 wetsuit, anyway most of days will be sunny and nights will be colder so a jacket for the night is a must as we have a desert weather creating on the peak of the season nighs of 11 celcius.

12m Size kite is a must for this season and as a second option a 10-9 and third a 7.

The wind starts at 1:30 pm and will last till 5:30 pm without much gusty wind, unless we get a Paracas when we can always rent you a 7 or a 6 if you are willing to go riding in the middle of the sand storm which is really funny but reserved only for experienced Kiters.

Do not get fooled by Windguru or other internet prediction services, as Paracas is a very complex micro weather with and amazing venturi working, so those predictions are not correct most of the times, anyway for the best season check Buoyweather and for the low season check Windguru (adding at least 4 knots).

We will provide a full gear setup.
All our instructors are IKO certified instructors (International Kiteboarding Organizationwww(dot)ikointl(dot)com IKO) and we do certify our estudents with a card that will allowe the user to rent gear and to ride in most sites in the world were is required, IKO is the biggst and most serious organization as an example is like a PADI certification in Scuba diving.

- Kites hybrid of latest technology for safety and easy learning
- Bar & Lines
- Harness
- Board
- Helmet
- Impact Vest (for safety and to increase flotation)
- Safety leash
- Kiteboarding board ( the size that fits best the student)

Infrastructure our philosophy is to provide the best instruction with the best equipment possible

Zodiac with trained personnel available for easy retrieval and safety

Trailer at the site avoiding looses of time retrieving gear from the warehouse

Out doors shaded Class room

Personnel Highly trained instructors and monitors

Ground help and boat crew to improve your learning time

Training Spot
The training spot at Paracas bay is probably one of the best training spots in the world.

Just 120 meters away from our center
Very safe beach with side off shore winds in a U almost closed bay
Schedule Our school is open 364 days of the year 8 hours courses divided in 2 days as follows:

First day: Theoretical lesson, rigging, kite control, safety devices and rules, self rescue system, body dragging two hands (3 hours)

Second day: Body dragging 2 hands, steady pull, theory of riding, standing up on the board (3 hours)

If the training session is suspended by lack of wind, too much wind or technical issues that are out of our control the time that was used for training will be counted.

Some people can do more time in training in one day, if this is your case we will be happy to extend the hours per day but we do recommend the course to be done in 2 days.

Some people will need more training time if this is your case we will be happy to provide it, please check our rates for this case.

If you would like to have special training with personalized tuition please check on our training rates

PeruKite RATES 2014 - 2015

- 01 training hour S/. 150
- 01 Day training (Fun Day) of 3 hours S/. 450
- 01 full course (6 hours divided in 2 days) S/. 890
Full gear rentals for riders S/. 200 per session - (only gear not including asistance)
Full gear rentals for ex-students S/. 200 per session - (including Zodiac and asistance)

* Price Regular S/. 1400
* Sales tax (IGV 18%) are not included, Sessions last in between 1 to 3 hours *50% of the lesson amount can be used as credit with the purchase of a set (kite, board & harness). Due possible change exchanges the rates might vary according to the possible variations.

Paracas Bay is one of the flat water safest places where you can ride, the bay has a u shape and the winds at the point are side off shore, which in a regular beach could be a problem but not here because in the worst scenario if you lose your kite, you just walk a bit and your kite will travel to the shore in your hands, also if you get any problems just be patient and in 15-20 minutes you will arrive to the shore.

Playon have small to medium size waves, the wind is side off shore but is located in a big open bay and if you loose the kite you will need to walk a mile or just drive the car by the shore to recover, there are some fisherman that could be hired to provide safety.

Mendieta Almost same conditions as playon is just a smaller bay

Laguna Grande This is as safe as Paracas bay and if you choose to go out of the bay the waves and the winds are coming side on shore so no problem.

San Andres take care of the shallow waters here as there are plenty small rocks under and very high jumps are not recommended in this areas.

We have a Zodiac almost all the time ready to help anyone, we do not charge for the service but a tip for gas and our team is always welcome as they are hard workers and will be happy to help you no matter what.

There are no life threatening species around, in the worst scenario you might hit the odd jelly fish (not dangerous but a bit of skin reaction). There are sting rays during certain occasions but they are not usual at the point, actually during 2006 not one single person had an attack at the point, anyway at the other side of the bay they concentrate when they come in and if you are floating to the shore there should not be a problem. A sting ray attack can be neutralized if immediate action is taken, very warm water and a poison extractor always helps, and anyway, most of people who had been attack are ready to go on water the next day.

We have dolphins living in the bay as well as sea lions, they keep themselves out of your way. If you are lucky enough to meet a sea lion feel confident that he will be as curious as you could be, they are really friendly animals, we jump in the water to play with them and they keep their distance. There has never been any bad experience with them, in fact unhappily we do not see them enough as they keep themselves to themselves.

Paracas is a big bay and there is room for a few hundred kites riding without being a problem, unhappily it is rare to find more than 20 guys, we hope this will change soon as there is a whole bay for our enjoyment. We tend to crowd the point so we do not feel lonely but you can take off or land anywhere in the whole bay.

We do not teach people intoxicaated with alcohool or drugs.
Peruvians are amongst the most hospitable people on the planet, we love meeting people and we enjoy sharing time with foreigners. Most of the peruvian riders speak English, to start a friendship is the easiest thing as you just need to show up at the point and say hello, with just a smile on your face you will make new friends immediately.

On the other hand, Peru is like any other destination around the world where common sense should be applied. Avoid making friends with people on the street as it will be evident that you are a tourist and they will look to take advantage of you, avoid too much contact with people on the streets or bus stations, keep an eye at your stuff all the time and do not let strangers help you too much. Stay away from the bad parts of Lima as you would do in LA or any other metropolis of the world. Tourists are all the time fooled by thieves that present themselves as your next best friend, but even if you do have such a moment, it is very unlikely that anything violent will happen as recrimination from the police will be severe as tourists in Peru are very well protected and thieves are not dumb!

Taking inexpensive travel insurance will not be a bad idea for if you lose something during your trip you can get it back, and rental of gear is one of our strong points, you can rent almost anything you might need from us.

You can bring all your gear without any fear of paying duties or taxes, by law tourists have the right to bring any kind of gear for their use, so just go for it.


This is the only point that is really dangerous, do not attempt to travel with any kind of forbidden drugs in your luggage or with you, laws are absolutely strict in that sense and you can be sure that if you bring anything it will be found, our police is probably one of the best in the world in that sense. Do not get scared at all by this as that applies only at the airports and is not that a bad cop is going to put anything to threaten you, those stories are real in countries closer to the US but never ever here in Peru. As a matter of fact there has never been in our knowledge any event of a tourist in jail or in trouble for consumption.

Actually a cop will be specially nice to tourists and will avoid having any inconvenience with them.


Peru may be a developing country in some respects but not in terms of medicine if you can afford it or have an insurance. We have many modern clinics with every kind of equipment, our doctors are highly qualified as they have to study for many years and most of the top doctors do their specializations in the best universities of the US.

Our privat clinics are as good as any other in the world and international insurances cover those expenses, remember that for some insurances kitesurfing can be considerate a risky sport and might not be covered, please check with your broker.

We do not provide any kind of insurances as in Peru almost not one company has this kind of insurances as they do not cover any adventure sports at all.


Visa and Master card are accepted almost everywhere in the country, Amex is also accepted but you might find places that will not, Dollars are accepted almost everywhere, ATM machines are in nearly every town and will distribute cash so do not stress by not having local money upon your arrival.

Do bring some $1 bills with you until you can exchange local money, check with the hotels what is the fair exchange rate, any bank will change money for you, avoid the street exchanger unless is little money as you have no idea of the local currency and again you might be fooled.

We do not work with credit cards as they have abusive rates with little companies like us, therefore we charge in cash.


We do have a large quiver ready to be used for our school or rented, we mostly a large collection of kites , we do also have many boards available and we are increasing our board stock as many travelers are finding a great deal of inconvenient by traveling with boards as the airlines has become a headache for all of us.

A Full gear rental (Kite, Board, Harness) will cost S/.215 the session (01 hour but if you are easy on the gear you might stay longer depending on the instructor´s opinion) the first 3 days, since day 4 the price is S/.150 (sessions lasts 01 hour but if you really take care of the gear we will grant you with an extra free hour and even a bit more), Boards S/.60 and harness S/.30 you might get surprised for our prices as you would think those are close to US or European prices and as a matter of fact we should charge a bit more as we pay almost 50% taxes in Peru plus big shipping therefore our cost is way higher and what could be cheap in this country is the labor but in rental there is no labor to discount involved and we would be happy to know you understand this.

If there is no wind there is no pay that’s our commitment with you, once you inflate the kite and set the lines the session starts, if the wind dies you'll pay the proportional time based in 1 hour session.

As most of our gear is new or almost new, in case of an accident you can choose to keep it with you paying the US retail price - a percentage of discount that can go as far as 50% depending on the material, failures of material not becoming for abuse of the material or negligence will not be charged.

The damages that might occur becoming from failure extreme maneuvers will be charged as material abuse, so if you are going to throw kite loops or complicate tricks you better know what you are doing as our kites are not rented to riders to learn maneuvers unless you are willing to pay for that in case something goes wrong.

In case of repairing the repair will be charged as well as the depreciation that the tear or rip will create (as you can understand once a kite is repaired there is at least a 35% depreciation.


We do accept Paypal as a payment for your classes when you do it in your residence country (if you dont do it from your own country the payment might get blocked by paypal) and items as long as they are payed as Quasi Cash (so you are charged for the commission and not us)

You can also make a money wire to our account in the US, we accept cash in US dollars but we do not accept credit cards.

Paypal: jose@perukite.com


Bank Name: JP Morgan Chase Bank
Bank Address: 111 East Winsconsin Av. Milwakee WI 63202-4815
Branch: North Coral Springs – FL
Routing: 267084131
Account: 995002466
Swift code: CHASUS33
Country: USA
Account holder: Jose Carlos Rosas - Zarich
Account Holder Phone Number: 1 - 305 - 600 2295
Account Holder Address: 9632 NW 52 Manor Coral Springs, Fl. 33076

Peruvian Account (only deposits in Peru)
PERU - Banco de Credito- Dollars Nautiperu S.A.C
Account type: Cuenta Corriente
Account Number: 194-1824106-1-22
Account holder: Nautiperu S.A.C
Interbank Code: 00219400182410612297

We do offer a 17% discount in our brands Slingshot and Liquid Force for our visitor clients, if you purchase your gear in the US prior coming we offer a 25% discount and shipping is included.

For Bestkiteboarding kites we do not offer any discount once here and we do offer a 15% discount when in the US. This offers are only for our clients and there will have to be a class payment reservation or copy of your ticket to make sure you are coming as we cn not sell to clients from other dealers in the world.

Slingshot Kites are an excellent option, Slingshot is perhaps the most recognized name on the industry and their gear have created a real standart in design and quality, they are world leaders in quality.

please visit www(dot)slingshotsports(dot)com

Liquid force Kites are well know for their incredible strong materials and great models, we have use them for years in our school.


Bestkiteboarding kites have a name on the industry, they have also great models for every use and we have also use them at schooling for a while.


We have tried almost every renamed brand of kites and we love most these 3 brands as they have very good nature.

For multiple kite purchases we can provide a better offer.
Sure, call us any time in between 9:30 am till 10:00 PM Peruvian Time GMT -5 please dial +51 959524940 we will be happy to receive your call
No, we do not have any age restrictions as we have taught some +60 year old people and youngsters of 9, if you are in good health and capable of taking basic decisions you are good to go. Kids under 14 should be accompanied with their parents or tutor at all times of training. Girls/ladies are very welcome to learn as this is a proven unisex sport.
You can never be too light or too heavy as the size of the kite / board will be used upon the weight of the person and the wind speed, we have tiny and huge kites and boards so that will never be a problem
No, we are here to teach you from zero to hero - we only need you to be able to swim!
Kitesurfing is a very safe sport if practiced in a "safe" environment with the proper training, Paracas is one of the safest sites on the planet as the winds, geographical layout and a perfect series of alternative landing spots all over the bay create the most reliable kitesurfing spot. Anyway, we must inform you that Kitesurfing has risks and hazards like any other action water sport activity. Kitesurfing did not have a great reputation at the beginning as the kites in the early days of the millennium were just developing, they were not able to efficiently depower and they were really wild. These issues have now been solved and since the last months of 2005 the new generation of kites (Bow Kites) came up to the market and they solved this situation, they are very friendly and way easier to use while keeping great performance conditions. So if the question requeires a direct answer is NO! Kitesurfing is not a dangerous sport

- Nightlife: Even though Paracas is one of the most visited places in the country there was a lack of night life around, now there are a couple of Cafes and bars but do not miss Misky Pizza place at "El Chaco" in front of the dock, as it has become the night live "point" of Paracas where you will enjoy a cold beer with an awesome bread oven pizza. There are also many restaurants with seaview at the little town of “El Chaco” next to Paracas The 3 luxury resorts we have in Paracas offers great fancy bars and incredible restaurants with good night life but not too late unless is a wekend. La Hacienda (one of the 3 of them has a great bar with life music on Friday and Saturday nights, In Pisco (16 km. away) there is a great restaurant called “As de Oros" with a good bar and tasty "Pisco Sours"

- Cultural: Paracas is the place where the Paracas Culture originate from, there are several places to visit and also a museum. Also at El Chaco there is a little museeum with some interesting pieces not only from the paracas culture but also from other cultures around. The Paracas culture was a very interesting culture with high knowledge of medicine, they were capable of performing brain surgery and their fabrics remain after 2000 years with vivid colors. The Nasca Lines are 2.5 hours away and is absolutely worth it to visit any morning before the wind picks up in Paracas. the flights above the Nasca Lines are around $35 and again are worth every penny.

- Natural Scenarios: Paracas is one of the most beautiful deserts on planet earth, there are several unexpensive tours everyday to go on the Reserve, is really worth it with breath taking coastal scenarios. Perhaps having lung in Lagunillas will be a good memory to take with you (eat early so you don’t miss too much wind).

- Wild Life: This is the strongest point here, a tour to the Ballestas Island ($10) is a must, we recommend the tours of El Pirata - they have their office under their hotel and also The Zarcillo located at Cruz del Sur bus Station ($11) - who provide one of the best services around. At the islands you will see thousands of birds, also the Humbolt Penguins are present, a few thousand Sea Lions live around and beautiful caverns with impressive beauty, come on, don’t be cheap or lazy, tours departure at 8 am and you’ll be back by 10 am if you take one of the speed boats, having a light jacket and a hat is highly recommended as you will be cruising at 25 knots and it gets chilly with the possible spray, bring a plastic bag to protect your camera… once you arrive to Ballestas if you have one its time to use it! - Action Tours: Sand buggies are really fun, go for it, you will have a blast, the tours are around 27$-, go Sand Boarding with them you might enjoy this very much. We rent state of the art Hobie Cat Kayaks ($10 singles, $15 tandem) on the bay to go kayaking early in the mornings is a very calm but interesting experience as you might find yourself being followed by dolphins, Turtles or Sea Lions. . Water Skiing, there are a couple of companies offering Water skiing or wake boarding in the mornings for $80 the hour.

We offer Hobie Cat rides at the Paracas Bay… there are many ways to sail, but a catamaran is one of the funniest ways to do it the rate is 25$ per passenger (up to 5 passengers). They are located at the Hilton Hotel. If you know how to sail you can rent a Hobiecat for 75$ or 50$ depending on the model (wave or Bravo) At the Hilton Reesort they do have a track for off road carts, they are a lot of fun, give it a try.

We reserve the right not to teach anyone who shows the effects of alcohol or drugs of any type or quantity that might affect their mental or physical abilities for obvious safety reasons
Still the most versatile kite ever produced, the 2015 Rally defines ‘confidence.’ Never before has one kite been able to accomplish so much for so many different styles of riding. The Rally delivers incredible wind range, maneuverability and low-end power. Quite simply it’s the most efficient and user friendly kite in the world. 
The Rally was the kite of choice for the Enable Passion transatlantic crossing. Slingshot’s legendary construction ensures maximum durability and performance.... We use a state of the art manufacturing process and only top-of-the-line materials to ensure that you don’t ever miss a session. If you are into waves or freestyle or just want a kite that can handle anything you can throw at it, the 2015 Rally is the kite for you.
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